Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 Halloween Tips for Homeowners

We all know that safety is an issue on Halloween night when little ghouls and goblins take to the streets, but mini Spidermen and Princesses are not the only ones who should brush up on their safety tips.  Homeowners must take precautions to protect their ghoulish guests and secure themselves and their property this Wednesday.

Here are some tips to remember:
  1. Know your City's specific guidelines for the big night.  If Trick or Treating hours are from 5-7 and someone comes knocking at 11:45, think twice about opening the door. Note: Central Indiana municipalities have set their trick or treating hours ranging anywhere from 5-9 this Wednesday.
  2. Make sure your yard and walkway are clear of clutter such as ladders, hoses, dog leashes or flower pots that could be trip hazards for little ones and parents.
  3. Never leave real flames unattended, even in a jackolantern.  If you're looking to light your path with some pumpkin faces, consider battery powered lamps.
  4. Paper or cloth yard decorations are a hazard around jackolantern flames or candles as well.
  5. Pets get frightened easily on Halloween with the costumes and excitement and incessant doorbell ringing.  It is best to put them up to protect them from cars or altercations with passersby.
Have fun, be safe, and don't be the house handing out toothbrushes!

Happy Halloween!

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